About Us

一鼓作氣  (yī gŭ zuò qi) To Rouse the Spirits with the First Beats of the Drum

Meaning: "Keep your goals done in one go, in one sustained and concentrated effort".


畫龍點睛  (huà lóng dian jīng) Drawing the Dragons' Eyes

Meaning: "Add a key item in your life that enhances your goals".


The name Eurazia-biz was established 2008 by Susanna Stiefel, CEO & Founder of Eurazia-biz, Cross-Cultural Specialist Counseling for European- and Asian Companies, IT Professional.


Already at an early age the young business woman was fascinated by learning Mandarin Chinese, combined her passion in Chinese language and culture with her profession and worked for the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs and later successfully continued to study Mandarin Chinese at NCCU in Taipei. She has gained over 25 years of experience in Mandarin Chinese and the Chinese culture.


At first studied Business Administration and is experienced in that for over 25 years.

She then found another passion years ago, Information Technology, which she studied and achieved to be Certified Computer Scientist, Webmaster, Certified Professional Scrum Master and Product Owner. Continuously studying new technologies and gained experiences of over 15 years in the IT field and is nowadays very successful to combine the two passions relating to business.